The DRESSEDUNDRESSED SPRING SUMMER 2022 COLLECTION is the third installment in the "Mask Trilogy" that follows the previous two works, "PERSONA" and "ANOSREP". This work is a double image video presentation on the theme of morality, with a man wearing a mask that resembles his own face, and a man with a bare face walking down a short runway and repeatedly disappearing. Morality is a serious reflection on ethics, morality, the rules one should follow, or a way of life. The collection explores the taboos of childishness, sexuality, and manners against various tailoring that symbolize authority. A catwalk of the external side by a masked man. The performance of the internal mental image by a man with no face. Beautiful images and photographs with soft light. Surrealism with silent music. As the mask and the face are repeated, the mask of self-consciousness is removed, melted, and intermingled, and the relationship between ego and society, face and society, and others is examined.

DRESSEDUNDRESSED SPRING SUMMER 2022 COLLECTION は前々作 "PERSONA" 、前作 "ANOSREP" と続く 「仮面三部作」の三作目。本作はモラルをテーマに、自分自身の顔をかたどった仮面をつけた男と、素顔の男が短いランウェイを歩き、消えていく事を繰り返したダブルイメージのビデオプレゼンテーション作品です。モラルとは、倫理、道徳、人が従うべきルール、または生き方に対する真剣な反省。コレクションは権威を象徴する様々なテーラリングに対し、幼稚性、セクシュアリティ、マナーのタブーを探求します。仮面をつけた男による外的側面のキャットウォーク。素顔の男による内的心象のパフォーマンス。柔らかな光の美しい映像と写真。無音の音楽によるシュールレアリスム。仮面と素顔を繰り返すうちに、自意識の仮面が剥がされ、溶け合い、交錯し、自我と社会、顔と社会、他人との関係性を考察します。