DRESSEDUNDRESSED Autumn Winter 2021-2022 Collection is a second part of the serie s started by Spring Summer 2021 season. This two-part video presentation should be considered as a one, connected and referencing each other, artwork. PERSONA is a concept created by psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung - it`s an external aspect of self. For example, if you wear a `mask` that is too hard and can't adapt to surroundings, or in a opposite situation, if you don`t wear a mask at all, and reveal yourself completely - you may experience suffering caused by it. This is PERSONA. In the presentation, the model walks on the short runway, accompanied by the resonating sound of clapping hands and followed by the spotlight, to finally disappear. While repeating this sequence the external mask is being gradually removed to reveal the internal side of personality.The collection essentials include suits and shirts covered in tights and lace textiles, which add a feminine couture element to the traditional, symbolizing masculinity tailoring.Beauty and eroticism of what is usually hidden / exposed is being conceptually described by this season..

DRESSEDUNDRESSED Autumn Winter 2021-2022 Collection はペルソナをテーマに、前シーズン Spring Summer 2021 Collection と対となる2部の連作。2シーズンを通しひとつの作品となるビデオプレゼンテーションです。ペルソナとは、精神科医・心理学者カール・グスタフ・ユングの概念で自己の外的側面。例えば、周囲に適応するあまり硬い仮面を被ってしまう場合や、反対に仮面を被らないことで自身や周囲を苦しめる場合があります。これがペルソナです。作品は手を叩く音が鳴り響く中、ひとりのモデルを主人公にスポットライトの光で映し出された短いランウェイを歩き、消えていく事を繰り返しながら、外的側面の仮面を徐々にはずし内的心象を露わにしていきます。コレクションはタイツやレースで覆われたスーツやシャツ。男らしさを象徴するテーラリングへ女性的なクチュールの要素を加えたアイテム。隠すことと、晒しだすことの美しさ、エロティシズムをコンセプチュアルに描きます。